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St GERMAIN - Terry LAIRD REMIXES " Sittin Here " Parlophone/Warner Music France 11/2016 buy
St GERMAIN - Terry LAIRD REMIXES (5 tracks on Itunes) " Real Blues " Parlophone/Warner Music France 07/2015 buy
Artiste Titre Label Sortie  
TERRY LAIRD feat. Patrick BROUIN Clip video ICI « 357 magnum parabellum » Just House
FUNK WAREZ « I like to Party EP» Just House 03/07 buy
TERRY LAIRD « Kibontemps » Just House 09/06 buy
FUNK WAREZ « Chabada EP» Just House 09/05 buy
FUNK WAREZ « Feel Da Funk EP» Just House 07/04 buy
MARK CLEMENT « Urban Trade Mark » Columbia/Sony 03/98 buy
MALT « So Sweet » Happy Music 11/97 buy
TERRY LAIRD « Keep It In The Family » Rue du Louvre 06/98 buy
DJ Paco & TERRY LAIRD « MUG vol. I » Rue du Louvre 11/98 buy
MARK CLEMENT « Berlin » Columbia/Sony 10/96 buy
YELLO « To The Sea » Barclay 05/97 buy
BIG SOUL « Julene » Small 06/97  
WES « Awa Awa » Columbia/Sony 11/97 FREE
MARK CLEMENT « West End » Columbia/Sony 12/97 buy
DJ PASCAL R « Versus » Rue du Louvre 11/98 buy
MELANIE EPHSON « Don’t worry » Tidalwave/UK 11/98  
DJ Paco & PASCAL R « Phasweep » Rue du Louvre 01/99  


Alex McCulloch (Shafunkers)
“Wicked, disco grooves as usual from Funk Warez. Been going down well in my warm ups and house sets”

Carlos Regueira (Yoshitoshi)
“Really like this house.. love them all”

“Some great tracks that I would definitely play”

CJ Mackintosh
“Nice EP. Loving I like to party. Will support”

Dave Shedan
“Funky thing best track”

Davie Forbes (Scanners)
“Will play this early on in my house”

Decky Hedrock (The Japanese Popstars)
“Great set of funky house tracks”

DJ Mannix
“Quality french touch-Funky Thing is right up my street!“

Griff (Manumission)
“Twenty Twenty funky funky sound would sound great in the back room of a club. Reminded me of things that used to come out of Italy 87,88 on warehouse raves. Good sound, lookforward to hear more”

“I like the twenty twenty track”

Lewis Dene
"Good fun funky retro EP with loads of highs – Funky Thing getting my vote 8/10”

Lisa German (DTPM/Fiction)
“Like being in 1974 all over again.....where's my pimp?? Nice”

“Good bit a disco madness”

Julian Peake (Vern)
“Don’t get many tunes as good as this sent. Twenty twenty is the cut for me. A breath of fresh air”

Russ (Cuban Brothers)
“A little out of date for me..sorry”

Sean Brosnan (Warm/Azuli)
“Nice tracks, but a bit 90's sounding for me. Sure for the right crowd they will work”

Timo Garcia (Berwick Street Records)
“Ilove it! Its very ashley beedlesque”

Andy Wilson (Ibiza Global Radio)
Excellent package of mixes, will be going with the Original for the radio , and the Funk Warez mix for the dancefloor, nice and summery with a bit of a balearic vibe perfect for Ibiza afternoons. Nice one.

Bert (BIS Polski)
I like release. Very carnival tracks. Very positive. Funk Warez is my fave - I share the same opinion as Jimmy K-Tel. I love that kind house of stuff. More please. :)

Calle Dernuf (Swedish Radio Ltd)
This is a beautiful track but the original is just something I can and will play when doing a bar gig. For me it's the Funk warez mix that does it. It still contains the funky latin influences but adds the beats.

Darren Gerhold (Galaxy FM)
Loving the more straight up house version supplied ith the funk warez version. I’ll be using this mix.

David Mills (Hot FM)
I'll use the funk warez mix. For a weird reason it reminds me of Renegade Master - yikes!

DJ Montana (Club Basement)
The original is a nice song. Relaxing music. Funk Wares remix= this is more the right stuff. Best one so far. ethnic mix is very cool,  I'll download it. It's the big drums that make the track good.

Johnny Moy (Spin 103)
Funk wares mix is dope has that digital jazz sound really well dope tune.

Paul Hughes (Energy FM)
Perfect for those summer moments. 3 mixes to play with I’m definitely going with the chunky funk warez mix. Already played out on my radio show which i will continue doing well through the summer.

Aldrin (Zouk)
“The ethnic mix is pretty interesting”

Alex McCulloch (Shafunkers)
“Loving the funk warez remix.”

Ani Phearse
“Lounge music at its best, world be free!”

Anu Pillai (Freefrom Five)
“The 'ethnic mix' works the best for me.”

Carlos Regueira (Yoshitoshi)
“Funk Warez Remix is my favourite, nice groove.. summer tune!”

Colin Peters (Manumission)
“Very funky room of Pacha.”

David Soul (Funktion)
“Love the 'Ethnic Mix' and the 'Funk Warez Mix' - great use of the vocal and some top percussion. Very Yousef from a couple of years ago. Very cool indeed!!”

Decky Hedrock (Japanese Postars)
“Great production and well arranged.”

Dom Chung (Skookum)
“Yeah, feeling it, Original mix is best for me.”

Jimmy K-Tel (Sancho Panza)
“Funk Warez mix is superb, straight in the box and certainly coming out for Glade festival and Carnival.”

Jon Raster
“The funk warez mix is for me, I really like it and the Spanish crowd here will to, would also use the ethnic mix as a good tool.”

Michel De Hey
"the Tralala sounds nice. Very housy and with a sloid groove, I am burning it now.

Alex Wolfenden (Circus)
“Rocks the dancefloor”

Andy Cato (Groove Armada)
“All the tracks are wicked.... It seems that French house people are back in the loop... Great tunes for the beach sessions from PACK UP AND DANCE on the beach of Barcelona ALL this summer long”

Bert (BIS Polski Radio)
“I really like Tralala. Good track summer season and summer beach parties. That’s funky house I like!”

Fabrice Lig
“I like soul to Sam track, nice one”

Funk D’Void
“Love the Funk Warez track "Tralala", fantastic!”

Jon Raster
“Tralala - this reminds me of freak power, I like it a lot. Soul 2 sam - ok, a bit normal for me, could use it as a bit of a dj tool. Marie au pays des violons - I like this a lot, nice to lift the people up, got a nice groove and just builds and builds. 5/5”

Hexadecimal (Spectrum)
“Tralal is really nice chilled track, got a summer feel to it, like it a lot, happy music”

Sean Brosnan (Azuli/Warm)
“The funk warez works. Long live disco!”

Tomaz (Filterheadz)
“The Funk Warez EP is ultra phat house music!! This is why I used to buy labels like Henry Street or Strictly Rhythm 10, 15 years ago. Superb!!”